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Carr's story - the history of the shop


 Martin Carr started it all!




 After WWII - Martin Carr started the hobby shop by selling Lionel trains out of the corner of a gas station. He soon out-grew that and opened a hardware store in the West end of Duluth MN with a train department covering most of the back half of the store. In the late 50's he went through a devastating fire, losing the hardware store and hobby department. He soon re-opened across the street about a block away with a different hardware store and the entire back of the store was hobby/trains. He quickly built a reputation for his inventory of model trains. His fame as a supplier of quality kits, ready to run, brass and much more resulted in the hardware being pushed out the front door by trains. When Jack took over the operation the hardware was completely phased out and Carr's became a hobby shop only. The store was soon not big enough and it was moved to its last location across the street.

The final chapter ended with Jack closing the store so he could retire January 31, 2020. So for about 70 years Duluth was blessed with one of the very best hobby shops in the nation. An institution and it is missed by many.

Martin is remembered for his being one of the first if not the first "Train Doctor" Jack never got into the repair of model trains so when Martin passed away that ended service. R/C parts and detail parts are still a big part of Carr's hobby shop. 

 The store is no longer in business, it closed for good Feb 1st, 2020 this archive is for those who remember and those who never had the chance to visit.

Jack did not enjoy a very long retirement, he passed away on May 9th, 2020 from heart failure. So ends the story.



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